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Residential Driveway Paving in Rochester, NY


The decision on driveway paving might come years after constructing your home or business and frequently involves incorporating an existing gravel driveway. However, paving your driveway shouldn't be a DIY project as it requires a proper understanding of construction materials like cement, concrete, cobblestone, and asphalt.

For homeowners thinking of replacing their existing gravel driveways, College Bound Sealers will help you install a new asphalt driveway in Rochester, NY. This article is a general guide for homeowners who want to design and build a new driveway the right way without spending a lot of money.

Why Do You Need Residential Driveway Paving Services?

Driveway paving is a great investment for Rochester, NY, homeowners. Not only does it make your home look better and increase its value, but it also makes it easier to clear snow during the cold New York winters.

When choosing paving contractors for your driveway, avoid any company that takes shortcuts like adding a thin top coat as a quick fix. The short-lived approach only temporarily improves your driveway's look and ultimately increases maintenance costs.

Which Driveway Paving Materials Are Best for Residential Properties?

Residential and commercial driveways can be paved with various materials, including concrete, asphalt, and cement, with advantages and disadvantages. Cost, installation time, and durability are all important things to think about when choosing the paving materials for your new driveway.

Stone and concrete have various design options, but a concrete driveway will perform poorly in the cold upstate New York climate. Concrete pavers also tend to be expensive and high-maintenance.

At College Bound Sealers, we recommend asphalt paving for your driveways due to its durability in the harsh Rochester winters. It's also more affordable to install and maintain than other options.

The Advantages of Asphalt Paving in Rochester, New York

Many people take driveways and roads for granted, using them without considering the benefits they receive when the right construction material is used. Asphalt paving is better for its overall appearance, drivability, the environment, and budget.

Here are the benefits of asphalt paving when done right by the experts at College Bound Sealers in Rochester, NY.

Long-lasting and Durable

An asphalt driveway installed by the construction experts at College Bound Sealers can last 15–20 years. The expected lifespan can also increase if you regularly maintain the surface.


Asphalt is more cost-effective to install than concrete. Crude oil is a major component in the asphalt mix, and its price can fluctuate with the cost of installing an asphalt driveway.

100% Recyclable

Asphalt is America's most recycled material. Recycling the materials is better for the environment and improves the existing surface. Recycled asphalt has stronger rut resistance and lasts longer than virgin asphalt.

Good for Noise-Reduction

Asphalt paving is simply a quiet pavement option. Because of its fine-graded surfaces, open-graded surfaces, and other materials, it absorbs road noise.

Good for Water Drainage

Asphalt pavement is great for water drainage, but some asphalt types perform better than others. Porous asphalt will allow water to permeate into the specially prepared gravel base, which filters it to the ground below. Other types of asphalt are specifically installed to redirect water to places where it's well managed.

The Residential Driveway Paving Process

An asphalt driveway is an excellent way to upgrade your existing pavement and increase your property's value. The process is simple, but you'll need the experts at College Bound Sealers for the best results. Your paving project will typically involve:

Demolition and Removal

Our experts begin by removing the existing pavement surface and disposing of it. If your existing surface is made of asphalt, you can recycle or repair it to save money on a new layer.

Grading and Sloping

The surface needs grading before laying down anything. That allows water to drain from your pavement and seep into the grassy area. We might also reshape your driveway to give it a sloping surface and direct the water away.

Prepping the Sub-base

That involves preparing the bottom layer that will support your new pavement.

Adding the Binder Layer

A binder layer is an aggregate we mix with oil to make the pavement strong and durable. Once everything is mixed, we'll use a proof roll to make sure the surface underneath is strong enough to hold the new layer.

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