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Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Sealcoating in Rochester

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Commercial parking lots are often located in areas that experience heavy traffic. The presence of motor oil or other fluids can cause stains on the asphalt pavement, eventually becoming unattractive with time if not treated properly. Sealcoating is an affordable and effective way to protect your property from weathering while increasing its life span; we'll show you some common signs it may be needed!

What is Sealcoating?

The parking lot sealcoating process involves applying a preventive coating on asphalt pavements to protect them from oil spills, harmful fluids, and UV rays. In addition to protecting your parking lot, seal coating makes it easy to clean the parking lot, ensuring the asphalt pavement stays attractive. Done right, the procedure can also add a couple more years to your parking lot.

Cracks in the Pavement

When you first observe cracks in your parking lot pavement, you may assume it as a minor issue. However, later it may escalate and become major, causing your major asphalt parking lot to become unbearable while parking a vehicle. Constant observation of the asphalt pavement is recommended to enhance well-regulated seal coating, which will help you avoid repairing the whole pavement.

Dents in the Pavement

The dents in your pavement are also referred to as potholes. Potholes are caused when fluids such as water get confined underneath the asphalt exterior, and in the long run, the small cracks will destroy your parking lot. Even though you have the means to crack filling alone, it is necessary to hire an experienced professional to steer clear of unbalanced patches in your parking lot. It would help if you observed your parking lot during the rainy and hot weather conditions cause the probability of potholes emerging is very high.

Stained Asphalt Pavement

When your pavement starts wearing off, you will observe your asphalt pavement color looks severely tanned. It is mainly caused by harsh chemicals perforating the parking lot surface, making it discolored and unattractive. This will make your asphalt open to dents and cracks, making it significant to regularly undertake preventative maintenance on your parking lot to prevent further damage.

Dull and Faded Parking Lot

When you notice your asphalt pavement is fading and dulling, preparing for a seal coat is crucial. The parking always reflects the first impression of our property and ourselves, so we must ensure they look good! You'll be able to save money when doing this early rather than waiting until there is no other option left before investing more into repairs.

Asphalt Pavement Age

When you have old asphalt pavement, it's important to coat the surface regularly for its durability. New pavements aren't usually sealed because they could cause more damage, but this might be a good idea if your climate is very cold or humid!

Hazardous Parking Lot

When your parking lot customers get injured due to the conditions of your asphalt pavement, it will render your business unsafe. Cracks and potholes may cause one to trip and twist their leg. It would help if you sealed coat your pavement at the first appearance of cracks and potholes to prevent further damage to people, vehicles, and your parking lot business.

How Often Should You Seal A Parking Lot?

The duration of you to regularly seal a parking lot depends on the following factors:

Quality of Pavement Sealant

This is a no-brainer. Sealant quality will affect the vitality of your seal coat application. You need to find a proper professional with seal coat experience to ensure a standard pavement sealer. If less solid matter is used, then the standard will be jeopardized.

Amount of Coat Used

To get the best results, you should only apply sealer coats twice. The first coat will thoroughly dry before applying another one; after that second application of our durable asphalt pavement is complete. It has withered away entirely into its new form as a tough surface for cars to drive on - now they can take off without worrying about potholes!

Sealcoat Mix

Usually, a seal coat blend should constitute sand and polyamide. Sand creates a grip that leads to people and cars' protection. In addition, sand usually brings about stamina to the seal coat used on the parking lot.


Day-to-day movements of vehicles in the parking lot will impact the durability of the seal coat. High traffic numbers will make the seal coat wear faster than low traffic. Often you should place a third seal coat if your parking lot has high traffic to enhance its longevity.


Areas vulnerable to cold weather temperatures will encounter high seal coat rate damage. High humidity will impact the durability of seal coats.

Quantity of Material

To make your sealcoating last, you need to hire experienced professionals who will apply the right amount of materials recommended on the seal coat. This will protect your asphalt from drying and increase the longevity of your parking lot.

Contact the Professional Sealcoating Company in Rochester, NY

Your parking lots may look less significant, but it usually creates the first impression on people who visit your property. A properly seal coated pavement surface with perfect line striping can transform your exterior and reduce maintenance work. College Bound Sealers prides itself in having the best-experienced professionals in seal coating in Rochester, NY. We have the necessary tools and equipment and offer our services to commercial, residential, and industrial paving customers. We shall clean and treat oil spots, fill potholes, and seal cracks before applying pavement sealer. Call (585) 254-6550 to learn more about how we can protect your parking lot or request a quote.